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Small business workshops

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Business Victoria's Small Business Workshops

Small Business Workshop are back!

Mount Alexander Shire Council has partnered with Business Victoria to deliver 5 workshops over the next 6 months to help our local businesses improve skills, network with others and get advice on your business from an expert or mentor.

These sessions are completely free, and open to any local business owners looking for ways to mitigate the economic decline and other COVID-19 impacts on their operations, adapt to constant changes in the environment and build new capabilities into their businesses to emerge stronger and resilient for future challenges!

The first workshop, Starting Your Small Business, is on Monday 7 February from 6pm - 9pm and will be conducted online (we anticipate future workshops being face-to-face). Whether you're planning, starting or growing your business, this workshop can help you to develop your business ideas and capabilities.

Sign up for this workshop here.

Future Workshops:

• Starting Your Small Business - Monday 7 March, 9am-12pm
• Strategies to Advance Your Online Business - Monday 4 April, 9.30am-12.30pm
• Strategies to Advance Your Online Business - Monday 2 May, 6pm - 9pm
• Maximising Your Marketing - Monday 6 June, 9.30am - 11.30am

Free tickets will be released closer to the date!

Free business support webinars

Free business support webinars

The City of Greater Bendigo in partnership with Be.Bendigo host a series of free webinars to provide valuable information and resources to help local businesses through the changing environment as a result of COVID-19.
These webinars started last year and are still available online.

Past webinars available:

  • Talking COVID-19 - Navigating government support and cash flow management - available to view here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - Navigating challenges through employment law - available to view here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - Commercial Leasing and Contracts covering leasing and contracts, landlord and tenant issues. View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - Navigating cybersecurity: critical IT security steps. View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 – How to use COVID-19 Stimulus Packages to make IT lemonade and hit the ground running on the other side of COVID-19 . View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 – An Economic Snapshot for Regional Victoria . View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - Marketing on social media during a crisis. View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - Building a social media strategy beyond the pandemic. View here. Please note the free mentoring sessions mentioned in the presentation are available here.
  • Talking COVID 19 - Leadership through the pandemic . View here.
  • Talking COVID 19 - Why people keep asking when will it be over: how we respond to change. View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - Phishing for love, masks and money: A look at how phishing emails have changed during the pandemic and how to spot these serious new threats with the right cyber security. View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 – Maximising State and Federal Government Support Opportunities: Insights on various State and Federal Government support packages available to help businesses. View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - Moving your business online. View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 – Protect your business from card and online fraud . View here.
  • Talking COVID-19 - How e-banking is a critical tool for all aspects of your business. View here.

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