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Amendment C073 & Planning Permit PA072/2013 – Proposed Supermarket in Castlemaine

Planning Scheme Amendment C073 is a combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit for the development of a supermarket in Castlemaine.

What the amendment does (Amendment C073)

The amendment proposes to rezone the land from Public Use Zone - Service and Utility (PUZ1) and General Residential Zone 1 to the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z). 98 Forest Street was previously owned by SP Ausnet, and was the site of the former Castlemaine Gasworks. As the site has now been disposed of from SP Ausnet to a private owner, the site should be rezoned to a private zone. 2 Duke Street and 2 & 2A Urquhart Streets consist of three dwellings currently in the General Residential Zone 1.

It is proposed to apply the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) Schedule 14. The DDO has been developed specifically for this site as it is considered a key entrance site to central Castlemaine. The DDO seeks to ensure a high level of design is achieved for such a key entrance site to Castlemaine, and controls articulation, shopfront activity, and design and layout of the site. The DDO will also apply to any future alterations or developments on the site.

What the planning permit is for (PA072/2013)

Council is considering a planning permit at the same time as the amendment, for the development of a supermarket on the site. The proposal is for a 1500m2 supermarket, associated car parking spaces and access requirements. The use of the land for a supermarket is as of right under the Commercial 1 Zone (no permit required), with only the buildings and works requiring a permit and being assessed.

It is not known yet which supermarket will occupy the building. The applicant is a supermarket developer, and once development has been approved, a tenant will be selected. Once a tenant has been selected, a separate planning application will be made for signage.

Current status

A planning Panel has been appointed to consider the combined amendment and planning permit, and submissions made in response to it.

The Panel Hearing is to commence on Monday 8th May 2017 and will take place over 7-8 days.

The Planning Panel has directed Council to provide access to strategic planning documents that are relevant to the amendment and planning permit. These documents can be accessed below.

Castlemaine Town Entrances Land Use Strategy 2002
Castlemaine Town Entrances Land Use Strategy Addendum Report 2009
Castlemaine Central Area Urban Design Framework 2002
Castlemaine Land Use Strategy 2004
Castlemaine Commercial Centre Strategy 2012
Mount Alexander Amendment C61 Planning Panel Report
Forest Street to Forest Creek Heritage Assessment Report (May 2016)

The Planning Panel has also directed Council to provide copies of expert witness reports received. These documents can be accessed below.

Expert evidence reports prepared for Lascorp Development Group (Aust) Pty Ltd (the proponent):
Expert Evidence Report - Justin Ganly of Deep End Services on economic impact assessment
Expert Evidence Report - Mark Jacques of Openwork on landscape design and urban design
Expert Evidence Report - Sarah Horsfield of Urbis on planning
Expert Evidence Report - Steve Hunt of Ratio on traffic
Expert Evidence Report - Christopher Goss of Orbit Visualisations on visual amenity (PDF, 9.8MB)

Expert evidence reports prepared for North West Supermarkets (submitter number 6 and 33):
Expert Evidence Report - Catherine Heggen of Message Consultants on planning and urban design
Expert Evidence Report - Bryce Raworth of Bryce Raworth & Associates on heritage
Expert Evidence Report - Roger Beeston of RBA Architects & Conservation Consultants on heritage
Expert Evidence Report - Professor Keir Reeves of Federation University in heritage
Expert Evidence Report - Andrew Green of Peter J Ramsay & Associates on contamination

The Planning Panel will issue a report to Council 4-8 weeks after the hearing. The report will become a public document 28 days after this. The planning panel report makes recommendations, from which Council will need to decide to do one of the following:
• Adopt the Panel’s recommendations fully
• Adopt the Panel’s recommendations in part
• Abandon the amendment

If Council adopts the amendment (either of the first two options above) it then sends the Amendment to the Minister for approval. Following this the Minister for Planning will either approve or refuse the amendment and permit.

More information

Further information and documentation about the permit and amendment is available from Amendments Online. A hard copy is available for public inspection at Council's offices at 27 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine during business hours.

Information available includes:
• amendment documentation
• a copy of the Design and Development Overlay
• plans and elevations for the proposed development
• a copy of the planning submission from the applicant
• a range of background and investigation reports related to the amendment and rezoning.

Should you have any further questions, please contact Council's Strategic Planner, Lauren Watt on 5471 1700. If you are intending on visiting Council offices, we encourage you to call first to ensure a Strategic Planner will be available when you visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the supermarket be built?
At this stage the development is only proposed. There are still a number of stages for the amendment and permit to go through. Assuming the application meets all the requirements, it is likely to be adopted by Council in the second half of 2017 and submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Once the Minister for Planning has approved the amendment and the permit is issued, the applicant may need to make revisions or have other permit conditions which are required to be met before commencing construction. Once all conditions are met, the applicant can apply for a building permit and commence construction. It is unlikely that construction will start before early-2018.

Does Council need to know which supermarket it will be to assess the application?
The use of land for a Supermarket is as of right in the Commercial 1 Zone. The planning permit that Council is considering is only for development of the building. Once it has been built the tenant can change without a planning permit (with the exception of signage). The car parking and access requirements are the same for any brand of supermarket, so the issues Council must consider from a land use perspective do not change.

A planning permit will be required for some signage. On this site the Design and Development Overlay will trigger a planning permit for most signage types, however signage applications in the Commercial Zone are not generally advertised as signage is to be expected.

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