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Tenders and quotations

Mount Alexander Shire Council procures approximately $20 million of goods and services per year. The majority of purchases are made with local and regional suppliers. This page is designed to assist businesses to supply goods and services to local government.

Submitting a tender or quotation

Council uses the TenderSearch e-procurement portal, an online tool to enable us to request quotes and tenders from suppliers for the provision of goods, services and works.

Tendersearch provides a simple, secure and efficient means for businesses to be notified of current opportunities and submit quotes or tender documentation.

Please Note: Quotation and tender submissions must be submitted electronically using the TenderSearch e-tender portal. Council no longer have a physical tender box and will not accept physical quotation and tender submissions.

It is recommended that the TenderSearch Member Login used to submit a response is the same as the login originally used to register interest for the quotation or tender.

To view current tenders or stay abreast of future opportunities register at our e-procurement portal TenderSearch.

The system will allow you to:
• view current, closed and awarded tenders
• download tender documents free of charge
• receive addendums
• submit your tender electronically.

Please contact TenderSearch on 1800 836 337 if you experience any difficulties logging on or downloading documents. Please direct all tender questions through the online Question Forum once you have logged in.

Doing business with Council

Trying to understand how to successfully become a supplier for local government can be daunting. There are many rules and regulations, and understanding why and how decisions are made is important.

The Doing Business with Local Government Guide has been designed to encourage potential suppliers to form profitable, long term partnerships with councils. For existing suppliers, this guide should also help to understand Local Government processes.

Tender processes

For more information read our procurement policy and terms and conditions of the purchase of goods and services.

• Terms and Conditions – Purchase of Goods and/or Services

• Procurement Policy - The procurement policy contains statements of legislation principle, policies and procedures related to the acquisition of goods, services and works by Council. It contains both standard and mandatory requirements and guidelines for officers of the Council. It establishes minimum standards and principles which are to be applied across the organisation in the procurement of goods, services and works.

Please note the canvassing of Councillors and/or Council Officers in relation to any tender or quotation will cause the submitter to be disqualified.

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