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Preparing for an emergency

CFA SAFE Information Session in Harcourt

Residents need to be prepared for emergencies and have the capability to anticipate risk, limit impact and bounce back rapidly through survival, adaptability, evolution and growth in the face of turbulent change. A resilient community is not only prepared to help and prevent or minimise the loss or damage to life, property and the environment, but also is has the ability to quickly return to work, reopen businesses, and restore essential services needed for a full and swift economic recovery.

Creating an Emergency REDiPlan

The Australian Red Cross has developed a four-step process, known as the Emergency REDiPlan, which households can utilise to prepare for emergencies and develop a plan. The process follows the steps of:

Step 1: Get in the know.
Understand the risks you face, how your life might be disrupted and who can help - before disaster strikes.

Step 2: Get connected
Connect with your community so you can help each other in an emergency and during the recovery journey afterwards.

Step 3: Get organised
Think through what might happen during and after and emergency and take action to protect the important things in your life.

Step 4: Get packing
Identify and pack things that might help you survive in an emergency and get you back on your feet quickly.

More detailed fact sheets about each step can be found at Red Cross.

Further hazard-specific considerations are included in the following pages:
Fire prevention
Floods and storms
Pandemic emergencies

Is your business ready for an emergency?

If you are business owner, Council recommends that you develop an Emergency Management & Recovery Plan to assist your business, and more widely your community in becoming more resilient.

The Australian Government has developed Emergency Management & Recovery Plan templates to assist you in the development of your plan for more information visit the Australian Government business website

A guide to preparing businesses for bushfires can also be found on the Business Victoria website.

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