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Queensland fruit fly in home gardens

Illustrated Queensland fruit fly looking worried.

Queensland fruit fly

Queensland fruit fly has been reported in home garden crops in our region.

Queensland fruit fly attacks many different types of fruits and vegetables and if left uncontrolled can lead to total crop losses leading to disappointment for home gardens. It also poses a serious risk to the horticulture and agriculture industries.

Agriculture Victoria is the lead authority on Queensland fruit fly and provides extensive information about management of this pest.

A brochure for home gardeners is available on Agriculture Victoria’s website and hard copies are also available from the Civic Centre.

The Prevent Fruit Fly website also provides advice for home gardeners and commercial producers.

Meet Ernie the Queensland Fruit Fly

To increase community awareness of Queensland fruit fly and explain what we can all do to prevent further spread, Council created a series of educational videos in partnership with City of Greater Bendigo. Thanks to Agriculture Victoria for their grant to support this work.

Check out our YouTube channel to see all five videos.

Video one: Pruning for success

Video two: Traps

Video three: Garden hygiene

Video four: Exclusion is key

Video five: Best practice

Tips on managing Queensland fruit fly

• Set traps to monitor and reduce fruit fly numbers (watch the videos to see how you can make your own or talk to your local garden supplier about the different types)
• Remove unwanted fruit from trees, collect fallen fruit from the ground and dispose of fruit correctly
• Keep fruit trees well pruned
• Place fruit fly nets over your fruit trees and vegetables.

Emergency Outbreak Plan

Harcourt Fruit Fly Action Group has developed an emergency plan to manage an outbreak of Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) specifically for residential backyard growers, schools and small horticultural producers.

The group worked with Mount Alexander Shire Council to develop the plan supported by a grant from Agriculture Victoria.

Harcourt Valley Queensland Fruit Fly Emergency Outbreak Plan

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