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Weed management

Gorse Seed

Council’s roadside weed control program (protecting our environment)

Council provides an on-going roadside weed control program. Council’s priorities are:

• To protect significant roadside vegetation under threat from weed invasion.
• To undertake follow up control of weeds at previously treated sites.
• To support on-going community groups projects.
• To control new and emerging weed species to the municipality, and to control new outbreaks of high threat weed species.

Noxious Weeds

Under the Catchment and Land Protections Act 1994, species of plants can be declared as noxious weeds. Agriculture Victoria lists these weeds;

Schedule 1 - are weeds prohibited across the state.
Schedule 2 - are weeds prohibited, controlled or restricted by region.

Mount Alexander Shire is in the North Central Region. Click on this link for further information.

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