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Local Laws

Kids standing at pool fence.

Local Laws

The new General Local Law 2020 was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 15th September 2020, and is now in effect. The new General Local Law can be viewed at the following link

Mount Alexander Shire Council Local Law 2020 (PDF, 1,369KB)

Purchase Fee: $11.00 for a copy of the new General Local Law 2020.

Local laws are designed to protect the community and local environment from health and safety concerns, and make living in the Mount Alexander Shire Council pleasant for all residents.

Local laws help you understand your rights and responsibilities, and promote understanding and cooperation.

All municipalities have a set of rules known as local laws, which are enforced by local laws officers.

Mount Alexander Shire Council has introduced Local Laws aimed at ensuring the amenity of the area. Contact us to get in touch with our Local Laws Department with regards to complaints or queries relating to:

• Litter/rubbish dumping
• Parking
• Local Laws permits
• Unsightly land
• Housing of livestock and poultry/birds
• Abandoned vehicles
• Overhanging branches

Local Law permits will be required for the following activities on private property:

• Keeping more than prescribed limits of animals
• Camping
• Parking of Heavy vehicles

Local Law permits will be required for the following activities on public places:

• Place any obstruction or object
• Conduct certain activities
• Undertake any works
• Camping
• Have a gate or opening to a park or reserve

To apply for a permit relating to General Local Law visit the local laws permits page.

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