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Tobacco retailing

To reduce the number of people taking up smoking, Victorian laws limit the size and number of tobacco displays in public places and prohibit tobacco advertising in retail outlets.

In addition, buzz marketing and non-branded tobacco advertising are prohibited. Buzz marketing is the use of colours, images and props to create an environment consistent with a brand's identity. Non-branded tobacco advertising includes backlit posters directly above cigarette displays, depicting images of smoking paraphernalia such as matches or lighters.

Mount Alexander Shire Council carries out regular compliance checks to ensure businesses selling tobacco are meeting their responsibilities.

Sale to minors

The sale of tobacco to people under 18 is illegal in Victoria.

If a business sells tobacco to a person under 18, an environmental health officer undertakes an educational visit to ensure the proprietor understands their legal obligations. Further tobacco sales to people under 18 could lead to fines or prosecution.

Black market tobacco

The sale of black market tobacco is illegal in Victoria.

Black market tobacco includes unrefined, shredded tobacco leaves or ‘chop chop’, unpacked tobacco, unpacked individual cigarettes and incorrectly labelled cigarettes that do not have a health warning.

Report a business

To report businesses that breach tobacco retailing laws, contact the Healthy Environments Unit on (03) 5471 1700 online service request

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