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Do recent changes to bushfire mapping affect you?

Aerial bushfire

Find out whether your property is impacted by recent changes to the identified bushfire prone areas.

Friday 20 October 2017

Council is urging property owners to check if they are affected by recent changes to the Bushfire Management Overlays in Mount Alexander Shire.

The Victorian Government has recently implemented changes to Bushfire Management Overlays following a review of bushfire hazard mapping criteria across the state.

If your land is in an area identified with the potential to be affected by extreme bushfires or within a bushfire prone area, it is strongly recommended you have a bushfire survival plan in place, get advice on the right type of insurance, and take the time to prepare your home and property to manage bushfire risk.

A Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies a planning control to land with the potential to be affected by extreme bushfires.

In Mount Alexander Shire some new properties have been added to the BMO and a small number have been deleted. Properties already in the BMO may also be affected by a change in planning permit requirements for new use and development.

The mapping criteria for the overlays were developed by DELWP, the CFA and CSIRO based on the best available science and knowledge gained from previous bushfires.

Properties in a BMO require protection to manage bushfire risks. This means a planning permit may be required to subdivide land, build a new house or significantly extend an existing house on land affected by the BMO.

The planning permit will ensure that bushfire hazards such as vegetation, slope and site access are assessed, in addition to any other relevant planning controls that may apply to the property.

It will also ensure safety measures are in place to manage bushfire risk such as building to bushfire construction standards, siting the building away from the bushfire hazard, managing vegetation and fuel loads, installing water tanks and providing fire truck access if required.

The changes were introduced in October via a planning amendment (GC13) to improve community safety and resilience to bushfires.

Landowners can check if their property is covered by the BMO by using the Planning Maps Online tool at http://mapshare.maps.vic.gov.au/vicplan/.

For more information visit www.planning.vic.gov.au/bmo or contact Council’s planning department for specific enquiries about the BMO in Mount Alexander Shire.

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