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Residents make the most of free green waste disposal period


Council has congratulated residents on their fire preparation activities, with more than 1000 cubic metres of green waste delivered to waste facilities over 16 days.

Monday 4 December 2017

Mount Alexander Shire residents were busy in the garden during October and November, with around 1070 mᶾ of green waste delivered to local waste facilities during the free green waste disposal period.

“More than 1,000 loads of green waste were dropped off at Maldon and Castlemaine waste facilities over 16 days,” said Ben Bowman, Manager Healthy Environments, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“That’s an enormous amount of grass and garden clippings,” said Mr Bowman.

“We estimate it to be the equivalent weight of about 150 tonnes, or 30 elephants!

“The feedback from staff was that residents did a great job of separating weeds from green waste and ensuring the waste was not contaminated,” he said.

Council offered the free green waste disposal period to encourage residents to prepare their properties for the 2017/2018 fire season.

The Fire Danger Period has now started. Council staff and members of the Country Fire Authority have now completed fire prevention inspections around the shire.

“There’s usually a couple of standout communities who have prepared for the fire season but this year we’ve seen people right across the shire doing an amazing job of getting ready for summer,” said Luke Ryan, Council’s Fire Prevention Officer.

“We’ve sent out about half the number of fire prevention notices than we did last year.

“We encourage everyone to make sure their property is cleaned up to reduce the risk of fire, and prevent the likelihood of a fire spreading,” said Mr Ryan.

If you still have some work to do to prepare your property for summer don’t forget that low cost compost bins are available to purchase from the Castlemaine Waste Facility.

The bins help to manage garden and kitchen waste throughout the year and divert this from landfill. Compost bins are $20 for residents and include a free aerator.

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