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Update on blue-green algae bloom

View over Cairn Curran

Monday 29 January 2018

Goulburn-Murray Water is advising the public to avoid contact with water in Cairn Curran Reservoir as high levels of blue-green algae continue.

High levels of blue-green algae do not always colour the water blue or green. The water can look yellow, brown, red, blue or green, or there may be no visible colour change at all.

Blue-green algae is potentially toxic to humans and pets. For your safety, avoid direct contact with the affected water. If you do come into contact with the affected water, wash your skin immediately in clean cool water.

More information

Further information on blue-green algae can be found at Goulburn-Murray Water or by calling the Blue-green Algae Hotline (03) 5826 3785.

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