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Take care around storm-damaged trees

Storm-damaged tree with hanging branches

Take care around storm-damaged trees as branches may fall at any time.

Thursday 15 February 2018

With more windy weather forecast this week, Mount Alexander Shire Council is urging residents to take care and be aware of the dangers of storm-damaged trees.

Council’s Acting Emergency Management Coordinator Luke Ryan said people should be particularly careful around trees with limbs hanging down, which are known as hangers.

“Hangers can be branches of all sizes and may drop at any time, which is why they are so dangerous,” said Mr Ryan.

“Don’t ever stand under a hanger and if you do have one at your place make sure you get an arborist to check it out.

“We also encourage people to get in touch with Council if they see any hangers alongside roads or in public spaces so we can investigate,” he said.

Mr Ryan said many trees in the shire have been weakened from storms in December and more recently over the weekend.

“The weekend storm knocked many trees over roads in and around Taradale, Metcalfe, Barfold and further afield,” said Mr Ryan.

“Council’s Works Team was kept busy around the clock clearing blocked roads and supporting volunteer agencies.

“We’d like to thank everyone who helped out and did such a great job responding so quickly,” said Mr Ryan.

If you see hangers on roadsides or public land, or find a tree blocking a road please call Council on 5471 1700. For help with storm clean on private land please contact the SES on 132 500.

Image: Hangers can be small or large branches hanging in a tree and may drop at any time.

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