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Subdivisions approved for Mount Alexander Shire

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Council has given planning approval for 51 housing lots across two subdivisions in Castlemaine and Campbells Creek.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Two subdivisions at Campbells Creek and Castlemaine have been given a planning tick of approval following last night’s Ordinary Meeting of Council at Mount Alexander Shire.

Council voted to support a 47-lot subdivision at 14 Midland Highway, Campbells Creek, and a 14-lot subdivision at Elizabeth Street in Castlemaine.

“Our community is growing and there is more and more demand for housing in the shire. These subdivisions will provide a greater range of housing lots for people to build on,” said Bronwen Machin, Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“The community can be confident that Council is listening and we are supporting development that offers a variety of housing options for residents,” said Cr Machin.

“Council supports appropriate development of vacant residential land in urban areas, and certainly Campbells Creek is identified as an area for growth under our local planning policy,” she said.

In approving the 47 lot subdivision at Campbells Creek Council stipulated the development must include a footpath link to the closest pedestrian bridge.

“We want to promote healthy lifestyles and this development will be well-placed to allow pedestrian and cyclist access to the footpath network, which includes direct links to the Castlemaine CBD,” said Cr Machin.

The 14 lots approved on vacant land to the rear of houses along Elizabeth Street in Castlemaine is an example of in-fill development, which makes use of vacant residential zoned land.

Lot sizes vary between 749 and 830 square metres in size, with the exception of a small lot of 412 square metres and a large lot of 1702 square metres.

A number of conditions were included in the planning permit to address vehicle and pedestrian access, parking and to minimise the potential for flooding.

“It makes sense to support development in existing residential areas, so long as the development is appropriate,” said Cr Machin.

“Residents can access nearby services and it’s a better use of urban land,” she said.

“Planning approval is just one of the steps required before any building works can begin, but it’s great to see developments in progress,” said Cr Machin.

Image: Council has provided planning approval for two subdivisions with a combined total of 51 lots.

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