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Public toilets

Public toilets at Victory Park in Castlemaine

Many local parks have public toilets for your convenience.

Visit the National Toilet Map website to find a toilet including accessible toilets near you.

Public toilets are located at:

  • Big Tree Park, Ballarat Street, Guildford
  • Castlemaine Botanical Gardens, Downes Road, Castlemaine
  • Campbells Creek Community Park, Main Road, Campbells Creek
  • Campbells Creek Community Centre, Elizabeth Street, Campbells Creek
  • Campbells Creek Recreation Reserve, Fryers Road, Campbells Creek
  • Chewton Soldiers Memorial Park, Fryers Road, Chewton
  • Elphinstone Recreation Reserve, Bendigo-Elphinstone Road, Elphinstone
  • Fryerstown Public Park, Market Street, Fryerstown
  • Harcourt Recreation Reserve, Mills Road, Harcourt
  • Lawrence Park, Lawrence Park Drive, Castlemaine
  • Maldon Gardens, Maldon Road, Maldon (Francis Street)
  • Metcalfe Recreation Reserve, Metcalfe-Taradale Road, Metcalfe
  • Morrissey Reserve, Woodman Street, Castlemaine
  • Muckleford Cricket Ground, Muckleford-Walmer Road, Muckleford
  • Newstead Memorial Reserve, Creswick-Newstead Road, Newstead
  • Newstead Lions Park, Lyons Street, Newstead
  • Norwood Hill, Maclise Street, Castlemaine
  • Sutton Grange Hall, Faraday-Sutton Grange Road, Sutton Grange
  • Taradale Mineral Springs, Jackson Street, Taradale
  • Taradale Recreation Reserve, Lyell Street, Taradale
  • Victory Park, Barker Street, Castlemaine

If you have a concern with the cleanliness of a public toilet, please contact us.

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