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Rates and valuations explained

Yapeen homestead and water

Your rates are based on the valuation of your property. A waste charge and the fire services property levy are also included in your rates notice where appropriate.

Why valuations are important

Accurate valuations of properties are a critical means of ensuring that property owners pay their fair share of rates. Properties with higher market value attract higher rates than properties of a lesser value.

Property valuations are critical to the administration of Victoria's Local Government. Councils use property valuations as the basis of their rate collection, helping to fund the services your Council provides to you and other ratepayers and residents.

Because property values change, general valuations of all properties in the municipality are undertaken on a regular basis.

The valuation process

Valuations are carried out every year by a qualified valuer, and are based on the Capital Improved Value (CIV). This reflects the total market value of your land plus any improvements such as your house, other buildings and landscaping.

Valuations are determined by analysis of local property sales and rental evidence, which is then applied to the data on each particular property. Information is compiled on each property over time, through inspection, building and planning permits and other public sources.

The most recent revaluation has a base date of January 2021 and was based on the property market at this time. It has been used to calculate the 2021/2022 Council rates.

For more details see the information about council valuations on the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website.

How rates are calculated

Your rates are based on the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of your property. The rates in the dollar, in the table below, are multiplied by the CIV to determine your rates charge. For example, a residential property with a valuation of $515,000 would pay $1,613.55 in rates, plus waste charges and fire services property levy.

Level Amount
General Rate $0.0031331
Land Management Rate $0.0025065
Commercial Rate $0.0040730
Farm Rate $0.0031331
Vacant Land Rate $0.0062662

Waste charges

This charge provides for the waste collection service, the recyclable collection service and provision of landfill facilities. The 2021/2022 waste charges are:

• $647 for 140 litre general waste bin plus a 240 litre recycling bin
• $446 for an 80 litre general waste bin plus 240 litre recycling bin

Reading and understanding your rate notice

See our budget summary document, and flyer on how to read your rate notice for a detailed explanation of each part of your current rate notice.

How does rate capping work?

Land Management Rate

A subsidised Land Management Rate is available to landholders who undertake environmental protection works on their property.

NB: Applies to private properties within the Shire that: a) were rated as a farm in the current financial year, and are over 20 hectares (49 acres) in size or b) operate a farm business.

Fire Services Property Levy

The Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) is a State Government charge that replaces the previous fire levy collected through insurance policies. Council collects the FSPL on behalf of the State Government. For more information visit

What can I do if I think my valuation is too high?

Need help?

Please contact us or submit your enquiry via our online request form and our Rates Team will be in contact.

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