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Roads, footpath and bridges

Road management across the Shire

Chewton Roadside

The following roads are under the control of Vic Roads. Any road related problems (damaged shoulders, potholes, bicycle lanes/drainage, etc.) can be reported directly to VicRoads Traffic Control and Communication Centre on 131 170.

•Calder Freeway
•Midland Highway
•Pyrenees Highway
•Castlemaine Maldon Road
•Maldon Newstead Road
•Maldon Bendigo Road
•Maldon Bridgewater Road
•Creswick Newstead Road
•Daylesford Newstead Road

Alternatively, you can go to the VicRoads website. You can also make contact with the relevant VicRoads office.

Generally, other public sealed roads are managed by the Shire. To report damaged shoulders, potholes and any other issues please call the Council Office on 5471 1700. Details of your call will be forwarded to Infrastructure Unit.

New load limits for shire bridges

In order to extend the life of the shire’s bridges, load limits were introduced for some bridges across Mount Alexander Shire. The bridges were identified through an independent review.

Load limits came into effect in November 2016. Signs are installed at each bridge. New limits are:

• Baringhup-Havelock Road, Baringhup West – 30 tonnes
• Bendigo Sutton Grange Road, Sutton Grange – 30 tonnes
• Boundary Road, Moolort – 20 tonnes
• Deep Creek Road, Campbelltown – 25 tonnes
• Emberton Station Lane, Barfold – 15 tonnes
• Faraday Sutton Grange Road, Sutton Grange – 30 tonnes
• Fryers Road, Campbells Creek – 20 tonnes
• Fryers Road, Campbells Creek – 25 tonnes
• Fryers Tunnel Hill Road, Fryerstown – 10 tonnes
• High Street, Fryerstown – 20 tonnes
• Maldon-Shelbourne Rd, Nuggetty – 20 tonnes
• Metcalfe East Langley Road, Metcalfe East – 30 tonnes
• Quayles Lane, Sandon – 20 tonnes
• Rilens Road, Muckleford – 25 tonnes
• School Road, Barkers Creek – 30 tonnes
• Sciberras Bridge on Old Drummond Road, Taradale - 4.5 tonnes
• Vaughan Springs Road, Yapeen – 25 tonnes
• Walmer Muckleford Road, Muckleford – 25 tonnes
• Yandoit Sandon Road, Yandoit Hills – 25 tonnes
• Yapeen Muckleford Road, Muckleford South – 25 tonnes

Gravel Roads

Shire managed gravel roads present on-going maintenance difficulties in the current dry conditions and works programs scheduled for all Shire gravel roads aim to address our communities needs.
Not all gravel roads across the Mount Alexander Shire are managed by the Shire as there are also forest roads under State Government ownership.


If you have a query regarding road maintenance, or want to report a road needing maintenance, please call the Council Office on 5471 1700 giving details.
The details will be forwarded to the Infrastructure Unit for assessment and you will be contacted regarding your concerns, if required.

Droving or grazing stock on an unused road reserve

For droving or grazing stock on an unused road reserve, you must apply for, and obtain, a Permit for Droving Livestock or Grazing Livestock.

Permit application forms may be obtained in person at the Civic Centre Office, Castlemaine or by contacting Council Local Laws on 5471 1785. An application fee of $73.00 applies and is payable at the time of application.
Local Laws Permits

For leasing of unused road reserves - application should be made to Council in writing, with details of the location of the road reserve and reasons for the requested lease. Council officers will assess the application and you will be notified of the outcome.

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