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Planning Scheme Amendment C50- Restructure Overlay

Amendment C50 makes changes to the Restructure Overlay in the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme. It proposes to remove the Restructure Overlay at Moolort, introduce a Restructure Plan at Pennyweight Flat, and number remaining Restructure Overlay areas.

Current Status

Council adopted this amendment at the Ordinary Meeting of 8 March 2011. It has now been sent to the Minister for Planning for approval. For further information please call one of our strategic planning team on 5471 1700.

Amendment Details

You can view the amendment at Amendments Online.

What will the amendment do?

  • Removes the Restructure Overlay from land at Moolort
  • Introduce a Restructure Plan to land at Pennyweight Flat
  • Number all remaining Restructure Overlays
  • Introduce the Restructure Overlay Review as a reference document in the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme
  • Introduce the Pennyweight Flat Restructure plan as an Incorporated document in the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme
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