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Chemical Emergencies

Chemical Emergencies Procedure
Although the chance of a significant chemical emergency is small, the possible health effects can be serious.

Accidental releases can occur anywhere at any time, as the result of a fire, explosion or chemical spill, not only at a fixed site but from a road or train accident.
The best way to protect yourself in a chemical emergency is to:
  • Shelter inside. The fresh air inside a building will provide protection for several hours.
  • Shut all windows and doors, turn off heating, air-conditioning and fans, and close or cover vents.
  • Listen to emergency service broadcasts to learn when it is safe to leave the home (ABC local radio: 774 AM – Melbourne,  91.1 FM – Bendigo, or    
  • You may not be able to see or smell anything because many gases are colourless and odourless.  
  • Evacuation is not the safest option when exposed to a short-term release of toxic chemicals. The shelter-in-place approach is best practice in chemical emergency management.
  • Do not call triple zero unless there is a life threatening situation.

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