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Amendments C63 & C69 - Restructure Plans

Current Status

This amendment has been adopted by Council, and came into effect in 2012. The amendment is being retained on this page to provide access to the Restructure Plans for any interested parties.

What is a Restructure Overlay?

The Restructure Overlay covers land that has been subdivided, but which has limited or no development capability due to a lack of essential services (such as a town sewerage system), or natural features that need protection like creeks and floodplains.

All of the land parcels with Restructure Overlays are in the Farming Zone (FZ) and some have other overlays such as the Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO), Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO), Erosion Management Overlay (EMO) and Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO/WMO). These overlays recognise environmental constraints and risks.

The Restructure Overlay Clause of the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme can be viewed here, and the current schedule to the Restructure Overlay, showing the locations of Restructure Overlays can be viewed here.

Amendment C63 introduces Restructure Plans for land affected by the Restructure Overlay in:
* Ravenswood South
* Muckleford South
* Maldon North (A)
* Maldon North (B)

Amendment C69 proposes to introduce Restructure Plans for land affected by the Restructure Overlay in:
* Gower
* Pollard (Bradford)
* Tarilta
* Walmer


Planning Scheme Amendments C63 and C69 went through a public exhibition period, and submissions were received from a number of land holders. An independent Planning Panel was held in Castlemaine in May 2013 to hear unresolved submissions, and sites affected by the proposed restructure plans were visited. Click on the link below to view the Planning Panel report.

Council considered the recommendations of the Planning Panel report, and made a number of changes to the Restructure Plans. The final Restructure Plans were then adopted by Council on 9 July 2013.

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendments C63 and C69.

The approved C63 Restructure Plans can be downloaded from Amendments Online C063
The approved C69 Restructure Plans can be downloaded from Amendments Online C069

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