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Amendment C76 - Bulkeleys Road McKenzie Hill Rezoning

Council has undertaken a planning scheme amendment to rezone land in McKenzie Hill from Rural Living Zone to General Residential Zone.

The amendment was requested by the land owner, and is consistent with the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme.

What the amendment has done

The amendment rezoned land formally described as Crown Allotment 39, Section F, Parish of Castlemaine, which forms a part of 94 Bulkeley’s Road, Castlemaine.

The land was previously in the Rural Living Zone with a Development Plan Overlay and Erosion Management Overlay. The amendment has:
• Rezoned the land to the General Residential Zone;
• Applied a Bushfire Management Overlay to part of the land;
• Applied a Vegetation Protection Overlay to eight specific trees on the site;
• Replaced the existing Development Plan Overlay with a new site specific one, relevant to the new zone; and
• Retained the Erosion Management Plan.

Amendment documentation

Amendment documents can be viewed online at the Department of Transport, Planning, and Local Infrastructure's Amendments Online website.

A direct link to Mount Alexander Planning Scheme Amendment C76 documents is available here.

Background Studies are available below:
Planning Report
Fire Assessment
Flora and Fauna Assessment
Erosion Management Report

Current status

The Minister for Planning has approved the amendment and it now forms part of the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme following publication in the Victorian Government Gazette on 15 July 2016.

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