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Amendment C74 - Rezoning of 7-9 Parker Street

This amendment rezoned land on the corner of Kennedy and Parker Streets (opposite Flowserve offices) in Castlemaine from the Industrial 1 Zone, to the General Residential Zone to allow residential development.

What the amendment does

Amendment C74 has been requested by the land owner to rezone the land from Industrial 1 Zone to General Residential Zone. Rezoning of the land will enable residential development on the land. It is expected that the will be a positive impact on the surrounding amenity if the site is developed and used for residential uses, rather than industrial uses as the current zone allows.

The site offers an excellent opportunity for infill development, being walking distance to the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens, Castlemaine Railway Station, Sunken Oval, Castlemaine Hospital and Castlemaine CBD.

In addition to rezoning, the amendment also proposes to apply a new site specific Design and Development Overlay, and a Development Plan Overlay.

Development Plan Overlay
In order to ensure the site is developed in a cohesive manner across the six existing titles, a Development Plan Overlay (DPO) is being applied. The DPO will ensure a plan for development of the whole site is prepared before any development commences. The DPO will also address density of the development, transport access, infrastructure, and landscaping of the site.

Design and Development Overlay
A Design and Development Overlay (DDO) is being applied to ensure development design is of a high standard. The DDO seeks to ensure development is well integrated with the surrounding development. The DDO addresses built form, interface with the surrounds (including vehicle and pedestrian access), infrastructure, fences and signage.

Accessing further information and documentation

Full amendment documentation is available here.

A hard copy of the amendment is available for public viewing at Mount Alexander Shire Council Offices, at the Civic Centre on the corner of Lyttleton and Lloyd Streets in Castlemaine during business hours.

Amendment documentation is available on the public inspection section of the DTPLI website above. Further documentation is available below:
- Planning Report - Amendment C74 (Tomkinson Group)
- Planning Report - Amendment C74 - Appendix A - Site Plan and Context Plan
- Planning Report - Amendment C74 - Appendix B - Environmental Assessment
- Environmental Site Assessment - Phase 2 (Geotechnical Testing Services)

If you wish to speak to someone about the amendment, please contact Council's Strategic Planning Department on 5471 1700. Staff in our Strategic Planning team work part-time, and as such are not in every day. If you’d like to come in and discuss the amendment with the relevant officer, please contact Council before-hand to arrange a time, and ensure the relevant staff member is available that day. You can contact Council on 5471 1700

Current Status

The amendment was gazetted on 14 January 2016 and now forms part of the planning scheme.

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