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Public question time

The following guidelines for asking questions in public question time is an extract from our Meeting Procedures Local Law No 1 of 2008.

(1) 30 minutes is set aside for public question time.
(2) Standing orders are suspended by resolution of the Council to enable the public to speak.
(3) Any member of the public may ask questions or address the Council.
(4) Public question time is not an open discussion.
(5) Members of the public are asked to state their name and may speak for up to three minutes.
(6) Questions and answers will be directed through the Chair.
(7) All questions and answers will be as brief as possible, to enable the maximum
number of people present to ask their questions within the time available.
(8) The Chairperson may nominate a Councillor or member of Council staff to respond
to a question or may take the question on notice to obtain further information.
(9) A question may be disallowed by the Chair if it:
a. relates to a matter outside the duties, functions and powers of the Council;
b. is defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable in language or substance;
c. deals with a subject matter already addressed during the meeting;
d. is aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or a member of Council staff;
e. relates to personnel matters;
f. relates to the personal hardship of any resident or ratepayer;
g. relates to industrial matters;
h. relates to contractual matters;
i. relates to legal advice;
j. relates to matters affecting the security of Council property; or
k. relates to any other matter which the Council considers would prejudice the Council or any person.

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