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Amendment C81 - Former Castlemaine Police Station Rezoning

Amendment C81 proposes to rezone land at 44-50 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine from Public Use Zone to Commercial 1 Zone, and to apply the Design and Development Overlay.

Current status

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C81 to the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme.
The Amendment came into operation on 2 March 2017 when the Amendment C81 notice was published in the Government Gazette.

Purpose of the amendment

The amendment rezoned land at 44-50 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine from the Public Use Zone (PUZ) to the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z), which is consistent with the zoning of adjoining land and appropriate to the context of the land. The land is approximately 1958 square metres in size.

In addition to rezoning the land, the amendment applies a Design and Development Overlay (DDO) Schedule 14 to the land.

The amendment will enable the land to be used and developed for a variety of uses appropriate to its location in the Castlemaine Commercial Centre. The rezoning supports Strategy 2.3, to encourage the re-use or improvement of under-utilised commercial sites in the Municipal Strategic Statement.

Background to the amendment

The amendment was made on behalf of the Victorian Government's Department of Treasury and Finance.

The amendment allows for the sale of one of the lots and for use and development of both lots appropriate to the location of the land which is situated on the south-eastern corner of Lyttleton and Frederick Streets in the Castlemaine Commercial Centre.

The PUZ1 is now an inappropriate zone for the land because it is no longer used for public purposes (it is the site of the former Castlemaine Police Station), and is to be sold into private ownership.

The DDO14 is required to be applied to the land as it is in a prominent area in the Castlemaine Commercial Centre, and of substantial size. It is important to require future development to respond appropriately to the surrounding scale, character and built form of the neighbourhood and to achieve a high quality design which considers both the public realm and the significant adjacent heritage building.

Accessing further information and documentation

Full amendment documentation is available from Amendments Online through the Victorian Government's Planning website.

For more information, please contact the Strategic Planning team on (03) 5471 7100 or email

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