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Animal business registrations

Under the Domestic (Feral & Nuisance) Animals Act 1994 it is a requirement that all domestic animal businesses are registered with Council. The registration is for 12 months and is renewable on 9 April each year. The cost of registration is $250.00 per annum and all buisiness owners must comply with the requirements of the relevant code of practice. Animal business registration compliance inspection $100.00 per annum.

The definition of a domestic animal business is:

An animal shelter, Council pound or pet shop
An enterprise which is run for profit that undertakes the breeding of dogs or cats
An enterprise which is run for profit that undertakes rearing, training or boarding of dogs or cats.

Any person wishing to register a domestic animal business, may require an Application/Renewal for registration of Domestic Animal Business Form (PDF, 269KB) which is required to be renewed annually.

Please check with Council if you are unsure if you require a registration form. Contact us for more information.

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