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Muckleford - Castlemaine Road - stage one

Section of Muckleford-Castlemaine Road looking into a bend. The road surface and line markings are new.

Muckleford-Castlemaine Road is a collector road that connects the rural properties of Muckleford North and Walmer to Castlemaine. As well as being a key link to rural communities within the area, it is also a highly utilised cycling route for recreational cyclists.

Project complete

Section of Muckleford-Castlemaine Road. The road surface and line markings are new. There is a kangaroo sign in the top left of the picture.

Council is pleased to advise that road works for stage 1 of Muckleford-Castlemaine Road are now complete.

A 1.7km section of road from Ashbys track North West towards Maldon, has been repaired. The unsealed shoulder has been upgraded to sealed, and improvements have been made to roadside drainage as well as signage and line marking.

Some roadside vegetation was removed to ensure roadside hazards were minimised and the increase in road width could be achieved.

This project completes the first stage of works proposed for Muckleford-Castlemaine Road.

Council thanks the community and motorists for their patience during these works. We are confident the improved safety and quality of the road will provide a benefit to the community for years to come.

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