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Golden Point Road Parking and Traffic Analysis for Expedition Pass Reservoir

Expedition Pass Reservoir in Chewton

Expedition Pass Reservoir on Golden Point Road is a popular fresh water recreation site for residents and visitors to the region year round, but particularly during the warmer months.

Lack of parking at the site creates risks for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists accessing the reservoir. An analysis of existing car parking and traffic conditions will provide the documentation required to plan for crucial safety infrastructure.

Project summary

Mount Alexander Shire Council is focused on improving pedestrian and traffic safety throughout the shire.

As part of this, Council is currently undertaking an analysis of parking and traffic at Expedition Pass Reservoir on Golden Point Road. The reservoir is situated in the Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park, which is managed by Parks Victoria.

Expedition Pass Reservoir attracts a high number of visitors and currently there is one small access point to the reservoir from the road. Given there is no formalised parking, there are safety concerns regarding pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles access.

This project is funded by the 2020 TAC Local Government Grant Program.

Project aim

The aims of this project include:
• Analysis and documentation of vehicle and pedestrian activity in vicinity of the reservoir.
• Analysis and documentation of parking habits along the roadside.
• Relationship building with regular reservoir users to promote messaging to increase pedestrian safety and driver road safety awareness.

Project outcomes

The project outcomes include:
Concept design that improves road safety and accessibility of the reservoir.
• Planning approval requirements for construction including a review of cultural heritage and vegetation impacts.
• Recommendations for associated infrastructure to support improvements to address driver behavior and traffic safety.

Where are we now

O’Brien Traffic were engaged to undertake the traffic and parking analysis at the Expedition Pass reservoir. The parking and traffic analysis report has been completed.
The report included:
• Short term signage proposal to improve safety for all road users and reduce ad hoc parking behaviour. Council have installed the proposed signage.
• Long term safety measures and concept plan proposal for future car parking located adjacent to Llewellyn Road.
• Proposed location for a pedestrian connection path from the car park to Expedition Pass
• Analysis of existing site conditions with observations and consolidation of community feedback
• Recommendations to review and rationalise existing speed zones along Golden Point Road.
Traffic Analysis Report available here.
Concept plan for proposed future car parking available here.
Council is in the process of reviewing speed limits along Golden Point Road in conjunction with Department of Transport.

What happens next

Council will continue to implement the seasonal speed reduction of 40km/hr from December until April each year through the one kilometre stretch of Golden Point Road near Expedition Pass Reservoir.
Future detailed design and construction will be dependent on funding availability.

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