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Barfold bridges replacement project

Photograph of the completed Siddles Road Bridge in Barfold.

This project replaced three bridges near the township of Barfold with new modern structures, greatly improving safety for motorists and allowing for heavy vehicle access for fire-fighting purposes, as well as access for waste collection and other community services vehicles.

Project complete

Photograph of the completed Curlys Bridge in Barfold.

The three new bridges in Barfold are now complete.

The Siddles Road Bridge has been rebuilt as a double lane bridge. Curlys Bridge and Shillidays Road Bridge have been replaced with single lane structures as previously existed.

The new bridges have improved safety infrastructure, increased carrying capacity and an expected design life of 80 – 100 years.
The load limits on all three bridges have been significantly increased, allowing access for CFA tanker trucks and other emergency service vehicles, reducing response times to emergencies through the availability of more direct access.

Photograph of the completed Shillidays Bridge in Barfold.

This significantly reduces risk for the residents who live near the bridges, especially during fire season. The increase in load limit will also allow access for waste collection trucks and other community service vehicles.

Council thanks residents and motorists for their patience throughout this project.

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