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Approved development plans

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Schedule 10 to the Development Plan Overlay (‘DPO’)

The Development Plan associated with PA167/2019 was approved on 12 November 2020.
 The Development Plan is subject to Schedule 10 to the DPO.
 Address: 127 Blanket Gully Road Campbells Creek VIC 3451
 You can view the endorsed Development Plan here.

The site of PA167/2019 for a multi-lot 7 staged subdivision, removal of native vegetation, construction of dwelling in any lot affected by BMO, is subject to the Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 10 (DPO10).

DPO 10 was introduced to the Mount Alexander Planning Scheme via Amendment C078. Amendment C078 was prepared by the Mount Alexander Shire Council, at the request of the land owners. The C078 amendment was required to facilitate the residential development of the Captains Day Road land, consistent with the Municipal Strategic Statement and local planning policies. The application of the DPO to the Captains Day Road land, which is in multiple ownerships, was considered integral to the amendment to ensure the land was developed in an integrated manner including provision of roads and reticulated services, and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The proposed development plan has been assessed against the criteria detailed in the Schedule to DPO10 and is considered to be satisfactory given that the proposed development plan meets the majority of the criteria and requirements set out in the Schedule. The proposed Development Plan shows the indicative size of the lots. A range of lot sizes have been provided, from approximately 450m2 to some 3,000m2 lots, with the average lot size being approximately 750-800m2, which is considered to be ‘conventional density’ lot sizing.

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