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Camp Reserve to Campbells Creek Accessible Off-Road Trail and Path

Photograph at the intersection of Main Rd and Campbells Creek - Fryers Road looking towards the Five Flags Merchants and Five Flags Hotel.

Mount Alexander Shire Council is focused on improving accessibility and encouraging walking throughout the Shire through the continued improvement of its footpath network.


As part of Council’s commitment to maintaining and upgrading our footpath network, a section of footpath in Campbells Creek has been identified for construction, providing a walkable link between the Campbells Creek Recreation Reserve and Main Road (Midland Highway).

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions awarded Mount Alexander Shire Council the Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program (Round 2) grant with the aim to provide a stimulus to local economic activity through community sports and active recreation infrastructure.

Project outline

This project involves the completion of the Castlemaine to Campbells Creek accessible off-road path and trail network including:

Stage 1 - Construction of an accessible path along Campbells Creek-Fryers Road; and
Stage 2 - Construction of the Campbells Creek Walking and Cycling Trail from Princess Street, Campbells Creek to commencement of the existing trail into Castlemaine.

Stage 1 is located along Campbells Creek – Fryers Rd. The design allows for the construction of 615 metres of footpath, drainage and associated works between the Recreation Reserve and Midland Highway.

The area contains a mixture of commercial, recreational and residential properties, and care will be taken during the construction period to minimise the impact to local businesses and residents.

Map showing the location of the new footpath along a section of Campbells Creek-Fryers Road from Main Road Campbells Creek.

Locality plan - Campbells Creek-Fryers Road

Where are we now

We are in the construction stage now. Construction contract was awarded to Bild Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. Site establishment and construction of footpath works has commenced. We are planning to complete the construction works by February 2022.

Project manager

Nalinda Gunawardana – Project Engineer
Phone: 03 5471 1851

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