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Maldon Shopfront Improvement Program

The Maldon Shopfront Improvement Program will see Council provide funding to eligible building owners in Maldon’s retail precinct to undertake restoration works that improve the appearance of shopfronts, and restore and/or reinstate the building’s heritage fabric. Under the program, Council will match funds spent by building owners on enhancements to their buildings, up to $25,000 per building.

How to apply

● Complete the online Maldon Shopfront Improvement Program Application Form by 30 November 2021.
● Supply two (2) quotes from licensed contractors
● Provide details about the proposed improvements to the shopfront
● Supply the relevant accompanying documentation to clearly describe the proposed works, this may include:
- Annotated photos indicating the extent of proposed works
- Scale drawings detailing proposed works for any works that are not ‘like for like’ replacement of existing contributory fabric
- Photographs of existing conditions
- Historic photographs to support proposed reconstruction
- Historic research, heritage impact statement or archaeological investigations etc.

If insufficient information is provided on the application form, Council may seek clarification on the proposed works before making a decision about the grant application.

General heritage advice will be available during the application period. We encourage you to contact Council’s Heritage and Urban Design Officer on 5471 1700 to discuss your proposal prior to applying.

The Maldon Shopfront Improvement Program has been developed in consultation with the Maldon Community Steering Committee to encourage and support building owners in the center of Maldon to invest in the upkeep of their shopfronts, to revitalise the precinct and continue to enhance Maldon’s historic central area.

Funded by Council and Regional Development Victoria (RDV), this project provides building owners with the opportunity for their investment to be matched by Council on eligible improvements to their properties.

Properties and businesses located in the eligible area in Maldon can apply for funding of up to $25,000 per building on a matched, dollar-for-dollar basis for projects focusing on the external appearance of the front of the property, and particularly on the restoration and/or reinstatement of heritage fabric. The total value of the grant program is $200,000.

Types of works eligible for funding

● Roofing and rainwater goods (flashings, rain heads, gutters, downpipes etc.);
● Timberwork (weatherboards, posts, beams, fascias, trim);
● Reinstatement of lost heritage fabric such as parapets, urns, verandah brackets etc. (including historic signage if appropriate);
● Removal and/or refinement of non-contributory items (air-conditioners, fuse boxes etc.);
● Door and window joinery and glazing;
● Rendering and pointing of mortar joints;
● Painting;
● Repairs to masonry, including structural works; and
● Cost of relevant permit fees
● Other façade improvement works subject to Council's approval

Works are to comply with the Mount Alexander Shire Planning Scheme, and relevant incorporated and reference documents including the Maldon Design Guidelines 1998, The Maldon Shopfront Improvement Program Guidelines, The Burra Charter The Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance, 2013, and should consider the updated Maldon Design Guidelines 2020 (not yet incorporated).

Useful technical documents include: National Trust Technical Bulletins, Heritage Victoria technical guides relating to maintaining and modifying a heritage property.

Works that are not eligible for funding include:

● Works that are not consistent with the heritage significance of the property;
● Works which have already commenced or been completed;
● Business marketing activities;
● Internal works (that are not associated directly with the shopfront)
● Projects which have received funding from other sources; and
● Works that are temporary.
To apply, complete the online Maldon Shopfront Improvement Program Application Form.

For more information visit the Maldon Streetscape Project web page.


The shopfront improvement program will open for applications in September 2021.

Stage Month
Program Launch September 2021
Applications Close 30 November 2021
Assessment and Awarding of Grants December 2021
Citation and/Works commence December 2021 onwards
Works to be completed December 2022

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