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School Traffic in Castlemaine Frequently Asked Questions

How did this project come about?

Council received a Local Government Grant from the Traffic Accident Commission to conduct traffic studies at three schools in Mount Alexander Shire:

• Castlemaine Primary School
• Castlemaine North Primary School
• Winters Flat Primary School.

What are the objectives of this project?

This project aims to develop traffic studies to identify and assess parking and traffic safety options at the three primary schools mentioned above.

Anticipated outcomes include:

- Traffic reviews, traffic management plans and parking strategies to:

• Increase pedestrian and cyclist safety
• Increase driver safety and awareness of pedestrian movements
• Increase in the number of children participating in walking and cycling to school
• Reduce traffic congestion
• Reduce drivers exceeding speed limits around schools
• Remove barriers to walking and cycling to school.

- Relationship building with primary schools and local Police to support the promotion of messaging to increase pedestrian safety and driver road safety awareness.

Why is the project focused on primary schools in Castlemaine?

Council received funding from the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) that stipulates it’s for traffic studies project for Castlemaine primary schools.

What will happen with the information provided in the survey?

The information will help us improve pedestrian and cyclist safety and connectivity, as well as reducing vehicle speeds and dangerous driving in and around school zones in Castlemaine.

Are there plans to look at traffic at primary schools elsewhere in the shire in the future?

Council will conduct school traffic studies at other primary schools in the shire should funding become available in the future.

How can I have my say on school traffic in Castlemaine?

Have your say on school traffic in Castlemaine through our online engagement platform, Shape Mount Alexander, at

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