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Castlemaine landfill works Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope for the project?

The Castlemaine Landfill located on Sluicers Road is an EPA licenced landfill consisting of seven “cells”. The site ceased taking waste into on-site cells in April 2020, with collected waste now processed off-site.

EPA regulations for licensed landfills require operators to rehabilitate and manage sites after closure.
As the licenced operator Council is obligated to satisfy EPA regulations for the site and contain the waste to prevent environmental contamination.

This is achieved by constructing a protective layer or “cap” over each cell. The cap is made of earthen and synthetic materials with specific properties that in combination reduce environmental risk from contaminated water and gases.

Council has already capped three of the landfill cells. Final capping of the remaining four cells forms the basis of the Castlemaine Landfill Cell Cap Construction Project.

The project requires design, construction, inspection, auditing and project management contracts. Contractors have been sourced for all roles via publicly advertised tenders.

What is the timeline for the project?

Works are planned to start on site towards the end of August 2022. Depending on weather and material availability, works are planned to wrap up in May 2023.

Will waste disposal still be possible during this time?

The capping works and the existing Waste Facility will have to accommodate each other at various times.

Operation of the Waste Facility won’t be significantly impacted and it will remain open as normal. Access for the capping works will be via a dedicated entrance on Langslow Street.

Is the project based on good environmental practice?

The design for the cap was developed by experienced consultants, independently audited and approved by EPA Victoria.

There are assurance regimes that will be in place during the works that include independent third party monitoring of the works and sign-off by an EPA approved Auditor.

All works will be conducted in accordance with EPA Best Practice Environmental Management (BPEM) guidelines.

How is the project funded?

The project is funded by Council, from the Waste Reserve.

Has there been contamination from the site?

No. As the landfill licence holder, Council conducts regular monitoring of nearby groundwater from permanent monitoring points. This monitoring and reporting to EPA will continue for the long term.

Will local contractors be involved?

All of the works associated with the project have gone to public tender with local benefits part of the tender evaluation criteria.

A number of those working on the project live in the shire or our adjoining neighbours, and much of the sub-contracted works are expected to be performed by local operators.

Are there further plans for the site?

When the capping works are complete, Council will gather data and put in place suitable treatment for landfill gases (primarily methane) captured by the cap.

There are ongoing obligations on Council to continue to protect the environment by monitoring and maintaining the site.

Plans are being developed to upgrade the Castlemaine Waste Facility into an Environment Centre to deal with the ongoing challenge of waste generated by the community.

We appreciate your support, patience and cooperation while Council delivers this important project.

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