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2023 Australia Day Awards – Honour Roll

Left to right: Sue from MAINfm, Mayor Rosie Annear, George Milford, Maree Edwards MP, Brodie Maffescioni, William Chapman, Lisa Chesters MP, and Alex and Billy from MAINfm.

Left to right: Sue McLennan, Mayor Rosie Annear, George Milford, Maree Edwards MP, Bodie Maffescioni, William Chapman, Lisa Chesters MP, Alex Playstead and Billy Lister

Citizen on the Year – George Milford

George Milford is a passionate volunteer in the Mount Alexander Shire community.

He is involved in a number of local organisations such as: Harcourt Heritage Centre, Harcourt Cemetery Trust, Harcourt District Leisure Centre, Harcourt Uniting Church, Harcourt Valley Landcare Group, Castlemaine Legacy Group, Castlemaine Art Gallery & Historical Museum Foundation, Buda Historic Home & Garden, S.R. Stoneman and Castlemaine District Uniting Church Parish.

George puts 100% into everything that he does. He’s an invaluable member of each group as well as the community as a whole.

Young Citizen of the Year – Bodie Maffescioni

Bodie Maffescioni is a volunteer and community member committed to supporting the mental health of people in the community.

He has had several volunteer roles over the past five years, including a Council Youth Advisory Group member, a contributor to When Life Sucks: Mental health consultation and a volunteer with Castlemaine Safe Space. Bodie is also a passionate disability support worker with Windarring.

Brodie provides support, care and gratitude to those around him and is a mentor to other young people. He is a hard worker and is always thinking about what is best for his community.

Senior Citizen of the Year – William Chapman

Bill Chapman is a dedicated volunteer and well-loved member of the Castlemaine community.

He has volunteered with the Castlemaine Fire Brigade, the CFA, St Mary’s Catholic Church, Loddon Prison, the Castlemaine & Maldon Railway Preservation Society, the Loddon Miniature Steam Locomotive Society and Legacy. He is still an active member of many of these organisations.

As well as the time he spends volunteering in his community, Bill has raised eight children with his wife Ros in Castlemaine, where they recently celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.

Bill’s dedication to his community and passion for volunteering began in his teens and continues into his 80s.

Community Event of the Year – The MAIN Game

The MAIN Game is an annual fundraising event held by Castlemaine’s local radio station, MAINfm.

The day includes an Aussie rules footy match between two teams: the Radio Galahs and the Rockatoos. The teams are made up of radio presenters, local musicians and members of the community, welcoming people of all genders, ages and abilities. The day also includes live entertainment, food stalls and a bar.

As well as hosting a fantastic event, MAINfm fosters a welcoming and inclusive space for all members of the community to learn and express themselves. They’re committed to nourishing diversity, respect, inclusion and innovation, and are a deeply-loved community institution.

Photography by Diana Domonkos

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