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Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Information




As of 1 May 2007 legislation requires all newly registered animals are to be microchipped (this refers to animals of any age which have not been registered before that date). Animals which are already registered do not have to be microchipped.

However, we are promoting microchipping for all animals as this is the best way of having them identified. Microchipping is permanent and it enables us to return animals to owners, especially when, for what ever reasons, the animal is not wearing its collar/tag.

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. Inserted by our Accredited Microchip Implanter, the microchip causes no discomfort or pain to your animal companion. The barcode on the microchip is linked to your contact details and recorded on the Central Animal Records Database, for the life of your pet. This means your animal is permanently identified Australia wide and can be safely returned to you, (even if its collar or Council ID tag has come off).

What kinds of animals can be kept in residential areas?

Any animal kept on a residential property must be kept in a manner which does not cause nuisance to others by way of odour, noise or vermin infestation.

Animal registration tags - do I have to put it on?



Yes, it is State Government Legislation that you place the tag provided on the collar of your registered animal. In the event of the animal going missing, the tag is the best way to assist in reuniting you with your pet.



Dog and cat registrations - when are they due and how do I register?



Dog and cat registrations are due on the 10 April each year. A reminder notice will be sent to you for any dogs or cats already registered with the Shire. Registration notices are sent separately to rate notices.

It is a legal requirement that all cats and dogs over the age of three months are registered with the Council. If you have a new dog or cat, please contact the Council for details on how to have them registered.

Discounted rates are available for concession card holders, de-sexed animals, microchipped and older animals, working dogs and other categories. For more information, please contact the Customer Service Team on 5471 1700.


How many animals
can I register?



Two cats and two dogs are permitted per household. A permit is required to keep three or more cats or dogs, all of which must be registered with the Council. The cost of the permit is $29.00 and it is renewed every 12 months. You can do this in person at either the Town Hall or Halford Street Shire Offices.

For assistance in applying for a permit, please contact the Customer Service Team on 5471 1700.

Where to have my pet microchipped:

Microchipping is held at the RSCPA Shelter every Thursday afternoon between 2.00pm & 3.30pm.  Appointments are required by contacting 5472 5277.

The cost of microchipping is $30.  Payment is via cash or cheque on the day.  If you are paying by EFTPOS, you will need to pay prior to your appointment at the Shire Offices and bring the receipt to your appointment.

The Shelter is also open for lost and found enquiries during business hours.

How can I contact the RSPCA / Pound?



Langslow Street, Castlemaine. Tel: 5472 5277



Hours of Operation:

Monday to Thursday - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Friday and Saturday - 10.00am to 3.00pm

Where are the on and off lead areas for dogs?


The on lead areas for dogs in the Mount Alexander Shire are Castlemaine Botanical Gardens, Castlemaine CBD, Maldon CBD and Campbells Creek Park. Victory Gardens is dog free (meaning no dogs are allowed on or off lead).  Dogs in all areas of the Shire must be under effective control at all times.

What is involved in hiring a citronella collar?


The hire period is for two weeks, unless other prior arrangements have been made with our Senior Local Laws Officer.

A bond of $200 plus the costs of hire must be paid at the time of collection. Also payable at time of collection is a hire charge for two weeks at $10 per week and $15 for a can of citronella. The bond is refundable on the return of the collar in working condition.


What is involved in hiring a possum trap?




Traps are available for catching possums or cats. The associated costs are a $20 refundable deposit, and $6 hire per week. Contact the Customer Service Team for waiting lists and availability.







Fire Information


What are the requirements for burning off?

A permit is required to burn off at any time during the fire restriction period. Properties over 0.2 hectare do not require a permit to burn outside the restriction period and properties under this size may light an incinerator on Tuesday or Saturday without a permit.

Garbage Information

Garbage/Recycle Bins - what if mine is stolen or damaged?



If your bin is stolen, visit the Council offices and fill in a form along with a Statutory Declaration. Arrangements will then be made for a replacement bin, which should arrive within 7 to 10 working days. If your bin is damaged, you can phone the Customer Service Team on 5471 1700 or visit the Council office to report it. Arrangements will be made for either repair or replacement of your bin.

What do I do if my rubbish collection has been missed?



Telephone Wheelie Waste directly on 1800 999 690.

Infringement Information

Fines - can I object?



Yes, you can make a written objection to a parking fine. Please ensure that you include the driver's name and postal address, the vehicle registration and infringement notice number in your objection. All objections need to be put in writing and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 185, Castlemaine, 3450.  Provided there are reasonable grounds for objection, your application to have the parking fine reviewed will be considered and notification of a decision forwarded to you.


Payment Information

Credit Card Payments -
are these offered by the Council?



Yes, VISA, Bankcard and Mastercard are accepted, and payments can be made over the phone or in person. The Customer Service Team are happy to assist you and can provide a reference number for your payment. Contact the Customer Service Team on 5471 1700.




EFTPOS and BPAY - are these facilities available at the Council?



EFTPOS facilities are available at the Council's offices for the payment of all accounts. BPAY facilities are only available for rate payments at this stage. Rate payments can be made using Australia Post's POSTbillpay service.

Receive and pay bills on the Internet. You can pay using your Savings/Cheque or Credit Card accounts.

Planning Information

Do I
need an appointment to see a Planning or Building Officer?



It is advisable to make an appointment, as these Officers are often required to carry out inspections and other duties away from the office. By making an appointment, we can ensure that someone will be available to see you at the allotted time.

Vicroads / Licence Information

Can I renew my drivers licence at the Town Hall?



Drivers Licence renewals are conducted at the Town Hall on a Thursday afternoon, between 1.00pm and 3.00pm. You do not need to make a booking and the Customer Service Officers will assist you with receipting your payment.

How do I Change My Address?

You can change your address by filling out the following form, and submitting it to the Council.

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