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Amendment C36 - Tarran Valley Estate, Maldon

Amendment C36 proposed to rezone land at Tarran Valley on the edge of Maldon from Farming Zone to Rural Living Zone and apply associated controls. The amendment was refused by the Minister for Planning on 31 August 2016. Amendment 36 is now complete.

Amendment information

Amendment C36 was exhibited from 17 May 2007 to 22 June 2007.

Council considered the amendment and submissions at its meeting on 13 May 2008 and resolved refer the amendment to a Planning Panel.

A Planning Panel considered the amendment in December 2008, and issued their report to Council in January 2009. Council adopted the amendment in March 2009 and submitted it to the Minister for Planning for Approval.

In 2010, the Minister for Planning advised he was deferring his decision on the amendment, pending the outcomes of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

The amendment was then referred to an advisory committee to consider bushfire risk (2014), and later an advisory committee to consider the amendment as a whole (2015). Following these reviews, the Minister for Planning considered that the risk to human life from bushfire would increase to too great a level should the rezoning go ahead and refused the amendment on 31 August 2016.

A copy of all exhibited documents, along with the 2009 Panel report, 2014 Bushfire Advisory Committee report and 2015 Advisory Committee report are available at amendments online.

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