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Victorian planning laws and frameworks

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 gives Councils responsibility for preparing Planning Schemes. Each Planning Scheme has the same structure including the State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF), Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF), zones, overlays and other requirements. The Planning Scheme explains whether a planning permit is needed to use or develop land.

Victoria’s Planning System
Follow the links below to find general information on how to use Victoria’s Planning System
A guide to the Planning System
Planning Application Overview

Mount Alexander Planning Scheme
The online Mount Alexander Planning Scheme contains two parts :
1. Planning maps, and
2. Information (or planning text called ordinance)

Click here to find out what zoning and overlays apply to your land or land you are interested in purchasing or selling.

Other Victorian planning regulations
The Planning and Environment Act 1987
Planning and Environment Regulations 2005
Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006

Bushfire Information
Planning and building for bushfire protection
Bushfire management overlay

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