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Heritage projects & news

A family admiring a historical shop front

Read about what we are doing to protect and conserve our heritage and find useful links to assist with your project.

Maldon Design Guidelines Review

Over the past 18 months, Council has undertaken an extensive review of the Maldon Design Guidelines in collaboration with urban and heritage advisors, and input from the Maldon Design Guidelines Project Advisory Group.

The Maldon Design Guidelines provide detailed design criteria for new development in Maldon’s heritage precincts and areas affected by the Significant Landscape Overlay Schedules 1 and 3.
The guidelines aim to encourage buildings that complement the historic streetscape character of Maldon and do not dominate or compete with the historically significant place.

For more information see Maldon Design Guidelines Review.

Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project

The Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project will help Maldon achieve its vision to be a vibrant centre by maintaining and enhancing its unique character and heritage values through projects such as the shopfront restoration project and the Maldon Streetscape Project.

For more information see the Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project.

Heritage Advisory Groups

Heritage Advisory Groups will be established on a project by project basis to inform and advise council on relevant Heritage related matters. Calls for members will be advertised via Shape Mount Alexander.

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