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Property information requests

When property is bought and sold it is necessary for information to be provided from the vendor (seller) to the purchaser.

Information is usually sourced from Council by the property owner, a conveyancer, or a solicitor.

Under the Building Regulations 2018 any person may request:

• Details of any building permits, or certificates of final inspection, issued in the last 10 years, details of any current statement issued under the Regulations, or any current notice issued by a building surveyor.
• Details of land in an area subject to flooding, attack by termites, bushfire, significant snowfall.

Please use our online Application for Property Information Form to submit a request

Swimming pool and spa registration

As of 1 December 2019 all owners of swimming pools and spas that have a depth greater than 300mm are required by the Building Regulations 2018 to register their swimming pool and/or spa with their local council by 1 November 2020.

An application form must be completed and any additional information attached.

For additional information in regards to exempt pools/spas and relocatable pools/spas, please refer to the swimming pools and spas section of the Victorian Building Authority's website.

Please see the Application to Register a Swimming Pool or Spa (PDF, 242KB) for all applicable fees.

Read our information sheet on registering your pool or spa.

To arrange an inspection of your pool or spa please read our information on registered pool and spa inspectors (PDF, 200KB).


Report and consent - Proposed demolition - Section 29A (PDF, 63KB)
Report and consent - Siting - Part 5 (PDF, 65KB)
Report and consent - Flooding - Part 10 (PDF, 65KB)
Report and consent - Erect public protection works over the street alignment - hoardings - Part 7 (PDF, 33KB)
Report and Consent - Projections beyond the street alignment - Part 6 (PDF, 60.8KB)

Occupancy permit for a place of public entertainment (PDF, 160KB)
Siting of prescribed temporary structures (PDF, 58KB)

Application for Property information - Request the property, drainage (Legal Point of Discharge) or planning information required when planning building works or selling your property. (PDF, 138KB)
Copies of permits and plans (PDF, 103KB)
Minor works in a road reserve (PDF, 129KB)

The following forms may be required where a building permit has been issued by Council in the past. Council no longer issues building permits.
Amendment to building permit (PDF, 55KB)
Extension of time to building permit (PDF, 50KB)
Occupancy permit (PDF, 55KB)


Building fees (PDF, 72KB)

Designated Bushfire Prone Areas

You can check if your property is in a designated bushfire prone area by producing a property report at
Planning Maps Online

- Type in your property details and select Search
- Select Get Report
- Select Create Planning Property Report
- Select Open Planning Property Report
Information about the designated bushfire prone area is at the end of the report.

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