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Pandemic emergencies

Current status - coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Mount Alexander Shire Council is continuing to provide council services and has activated its regional pandemic plan to respond to coronavirus COVID -19.

For the latest information on the impact on Council services visit our dedicated page on coronavirus.


An influenza or communicable disease pandemic occurs when a highly infectious new strain emerges that humans have no immunity to. Normal emergency assistance is hampered by the need to limit exposure to infection. During these outbreaks vulnerable residents should limit exposure by stocking up on necessary items such as medication, food and water.

During a pandemic, the virus spreads rapidly around the world causing high rates of illness and death.

Mount Alexander Shire Council, as part of its emergency management planning, has developed an Influenza and Pandemic Plan to assist in dealing with a pandemic influenza emergency.

Pandemic influenza information

The Victorian Department of Health & Human Services has released pandemic influenza (flu) information sheets for the general public, the guides are available below:

Pandemic influenza (flu) Information for the general public - looking after yourself in a pandemic

Pandemic influenza (flu) - Information for people who may have been exposed to pandemic influenza and are isolated

More information

Visit the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services or contact Council on 03 5471 1700.

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