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Plans and initiatives

Draft Castlemaine Urban Creekways Management Plan

Council is developing a management plan for the 70 hectares of Creekside public land currently under public license to Council.

The draft plan has been developed by Council in collaboration with the Friends of Campbells Creek and the Castlemaine Landcare Group to further improve the amenity of the 70 hectares of creeks and adjoining public land located in the urban parts of Chewton, Castlemaine and Campbells Creek.

Visit the Have Your Say section of our website to find out how you can review and comment on the draft plan.

Environment Strategy 2015-2025

The Mount Alexander Shire Council Environment Strategy 2015-2025 sets out Council’s long-term goals and strategic approach to environmental stewardship over the next ten years, under eight priority areas.

The eight priority areas for action fall under the overarching themes of partnerships, positions and programs to guide Council’s work in environment and sustainability.

Priority areas include partnering with the community and external organisations, reducing resource consumption and improving resource recovery, protecting natural environmental assets, integrating Council’s response to climate change, leading by example and incorporating environmental and sustainable considerations into decision making.

Many priority areas for action are linked to each other, such as managing greenhouse gases from waste to tackle climate change. Action plans under the priority areas will be developed with further consultation with the community, to deliver change in areas such as urban waterway management, waste management, asset management and water use.

The Environment Strategy will be reviewed every four years, and strategic actions implemented as part of the strategy will be reported in the Annual Plan each year. Council will also undertake further consultation with the community when developing action plans in priority areas.

This evaluation plan outlines the monitoring, evaluation and reporting plan for the Environment Strategy.

This schedule lists the delivery timeframes or current actions related to the tasks in the Environment Strategy.

Roadside Conservation Management Plan 2012 – 2017

The roadside network is arguably the most significant natural environment asset in the municipality. In a fragmented landscape such as Mount Alexander roadsides provide the vital link and also provide habitat for many species of flora and fauna, many of them threatened. Recognising this, Council is committed to protecting and enhancing its many roadsides by improving conservation values, reducing fuel for fire and controlling the spread of weeds.

Roadside Conservation Management Plan

Mount Alexander climate change action plan 2016-2020
Human influence on the global climate system is responsible for global warming and the related impacts on people and ecosystems and so strong and effective global and local action on climate change is in everyone's interest.

The Mount Alexander Shire Council Climate Change Action Plan 2016-2020 outlines more than 60 actions that Council will take to radically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change vulnerability.

The Action Plan states Council's commitment to becoming carbon neutral in 2025.

The plan was adopted by Council on the 14 June 2016.

Regional Climate Adaptation Plan

Council has long recognised the importance of responding to the impacts of a changing climate. The Regional Climate Adaptation Plan identifies the risks, vulnerabilities and priority climate change adaptation actions for six partner Councils in the Southern Loddon Mallee Region.

Regional climate adaptation plan, extended version.

Greenhouse Action Plan 2011 – 2014

Council is actively seeking solutions that minimise the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and facilities, helping us move towards becoming a carbon neutral council that only uses electricity and from renewable sources.
We are currently developing a new Greenhouse Action Plan to address these requirements. Check back again soon.

Greenhouse Action Plan 2011-2014

Waste Management Strategy 2010 - 2015

We are currently developing a new Waste Management Plan.

Solar energy installations on heritage buildings

Mount Alexander Shire Council actively supports both renewable energy and heritage conservation. In some circumstances solar technologies that are visible to the public may adversely impact the heritage values of a building or place. In these circumstances heritage expertise may be necessary to provide advice and/or decisions regarding the appropriateness of a proposed solar system installation. Council has developed a fact sheet to provide guidance regarding the installation of solar energy technologies, such as solar photovoltaic systems and solar hot water systems, on heritage listed buildings.

Other initiatives

Solar savers scheme for pensioners

Pensioners living in Mount Alexander Shire who own their own home can sign up to install a solar energy system that will save them money on their electricity bills. The program works by offering pensioners a special low-interest loan that has no upfront outlay and is gradually paid off over 10 years through power bill savings.

The Solar Savers program anticipates that every participating household will be at least $100 better off at the end of each year than they would be without the solar system.

For more information, contact Solar Savers on (03) 9385 8512 or log on to their website.

Solar Savers is being delivered by the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action on behalf of 20 Victorian councils and three other greenhouse alliances including the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance. The program has been funded with a $760,000 grant through the Victorian Government New Energy Jobs Fund.

TAKE2 climate pledge

Council has joined almost 200 councils, businesses and community organisations to take the Victorian Government’s voluntary TAKE2 pledge to take action on climate change.

The pledge commits Council to play our part to help achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions for the state of Victoria by 2050.

TAKE2 provides tailored, easy to understand information about what individuals and organisations can do to protect the planet for generations to come. Council encourages residents, businesses and organisations in the shire to take the pledge and become part of the movement to build a cleaner, greener future. For more information and to take the pledge, visit TAKE2

Council’s Roadside Weed Control Program (protecting our environment)

Council provides an on-going roadside weed control program. Council’s priorities are:

• To protect significant roadside vegetation under threat from weed invasion.
• To undertake follow up control of weeds at previously treated sites.
• To support on-going community groups projects.
• To control new and emerging weed species to the municipality, and to control new outbreaks of high threat weed species.

Lighting the Regions - Changing Street Lights
Lighting the Regions is the biggest street light partnership ever undertaken in Australia. The project involves changing 23,000 street lights to more energy efficient LED technology across the entire central, north central, west and north western region of Victoria. This will save $57 million in power and maintenance costs and reduce street lighting greenhouse gas emissions by 180,000 tonnes. Within Mount Alexander Shire 885 street lights will be changes to low energy technology by September 2015.

Solar on Council buildings (action on climate change / living sustainably)

Council owns many buildings that are either already fitted with solar systems, will be fitted soon, or are suitable for future installations. The installation of solar systems is a component of a holistic effort to reduce electricity costs, improve energy efficiency, and optimise the onsite use of any solar electricity produced.

Interested members of the community can monitor the amount of solar energy produced by Council online by zooming in on the map to Castlemaine at enlighten.enphaseenergy.com/public_systems

Community Grants Scheme for Sustainability and Environment Projects

Each year Mount Alexander Shire Council allocates funding to support a range of local community-based projects and initiatives through the Strengthening Our Community Grants Scheme. There is a specific stream of funding in this program for projects that relate to sustainability and the natural environment.

Read more about our community grants.

Trust for Nature Rebate

Council values native vegetation on private land. To support landholders to protect and enhance remnant vegetation, Council offers rate relief for land permanently protected under covenant.

Honeycomb Bushland Reserve
Mount Alexander Shire Council has committed to working closely with two local Landcare groups with the recent adoption of an Environmental Management Plan for Honeycomb Bushland Reserve, a 17-hectare reserve at Campbells Creek.

Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare and McKenzies Hill Action and Landcare Group assisted to develop the five-year plan, which aims to protect and preserve the natural, cultural and recreational values of the reserve and provide a space for the community.

The management plan includes actions that will restore the site’s ecological values and improve visitor access and facilities. Council consulted with the CFA and an independent fire ecologist to address the risk of fire within the reserve.

The reserve forms an important link to other bushland in the area and provides a direct walking and cycling link to the Campbells Creek walking and cycling trail.

The environmental management plan is available on the Plans and strategies section of Council’s website. Read the two-page Honeycomb Bushland Reserve Information sheet.

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