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Land management rate

The objective of the Land Management Rate Program (LMRP) is to support and encourage responsible land management that improves the condition of the natural environment on privately owned land across Mount Alexander Shire.

Successful applicants will receive the Land Management Rate (LMR) which is an incentive consisting of a 20% reduction off the general property rate.

The LMR is :

- A 20% discount on the General Farm rate
- Eligible for private properties within the shire that:
a) were rated as a farm in the previous financial year to which you are applying and are over 20 hectares (49 acres) in size, or
b) operate a farm business.
- Granted to landowners for three (3) years if they are planning to undertake environmental protection works on their property over the next three years.

Please note the LMR does not cover other municipal charges. All program participants are required to pay full municipal charges and, where applicable, waste charges.

Each and every landowner in the shire has statutory obligations under the Catchment and Land Protection (CaLP) Act 1994 to control specific noxious weeds on their land. This includes weeds such as Wheel Cactus, Blackberry, Gorse, Paterson’s Curse, Cape Broom, St Johns Wort and Sweet Briar Rose. The LMR will not be awarded to property owners who have these weeds, and are not actively working to control them.

How does the three year cycle work?

The LMR cycle one will commence at the beginning of financial year 2018-2019, and end on 30 June 2021. Landholders who apply in the midst of the three-year cycle will be able to participate in the next financial year/s until 30 June 2021.

How will the Program be implemented and monitored?

Landholders participating in the LMR are required to provide a triennial report on progress/actions through a standard template and appropriate attachments. Please watch this space for further details on what these templates and attachments will look like.
For example, the triennial report will need to include an initial or updated property management/farm plan together with accompanying evidence. Certified organic/biodynamic properties can provide a current copy of relevant certification documentation as evidence of works additional to their duty of care.

To ensure that landholders receiving this rate are acting in accordance with the objectives of the Program and actively undertaking their proposed actions:
• A small number of randomly selected property visits will be conducted annually by Council officers through a pre−arranged schedule with landholders.
• An audit of the program will be undertaken once every three years to evaluate its effectiveness and efficiency. This audit will include a survey of recipients and a small number of property visits.

Like to apply for the LMR?

You can still apply for the LMR in January each year. All eligible properties will be contacted and invited to apply. Applications are now open until March 1st 2019. If you are successful you will automatically receive the LMR for the next two financial years.

Click here to apply for the LMR

Already applied to receive the LMR last year?

All successful applications received as part of the 2018 – 2019 financial year will be automatically rolled over to the 2019 – 2020 financial year and then again to the 2020 – 2021 financial years. So if you applied to receive the LMR for the 2018 – 2019 financial year you do not have to reapply to receive the LMR for the same properties again until the 2021 – 2122 financial year.

Key documents
Land Management Rate Guidelines 2019/2020

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