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Septic tanks

Septic tank permit applications - Find the forms you need and associated fees.

Septic tanks

The Environment Protection Act 1970 defines a "septic tank system" as a system for the bacterial, biological, chemical or physical treatment of sewage, and includes all tanks, beds, sewers, drains, pipes, fittings, appliances and land used in connection with the system. Therefore, waste water treatment plants and composting toilets are types of septic systems.
A septic tank system treats and retains sewage (toilet water) and sullage (bath, shower and sink water etc) within the boundaries of your property.

The Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance Guide contains important information about installing or altering a septic tank system.

Permits and applications

Before installing, altering or using any septic tank system a permit must be obtained from Council.

To apply for a permit complete an Onsite Wastewater Permit - Application.

Existing waste water systems

Please refer to the fact sheet for the operation and maintenance of domestic wastewater (septic) systems for home owners and renters which provides some easy tips to assist with the operation and maintenance of your septic system.

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