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Our role

Protecting and rebuilding our natural assets

Mount Alexander Shire is home to a beautiful and diverse natural environment that spans uplands, goldfields, and volcanic and riverine plains. Notable natural features include mount Alexander and Tarrengower, and rivers Loddon and Coliban.

While the Shire retains a relatively high level of vegetation cover, much of the natural environment bears marks from past human activity most significantly from the Goldrush era. The Shire community is very active in restoring the condition of the natural environment, and in improving its extent and connectivity.

The Shire community is also very active and inclusive in pursuing the transition to a more sustainable built environment. Renewable energy is a focus area, as is responding to climate change.

Working together to drive change

Council works in partnership with the Shire community and key external organisations to undertake its environmental stewardship role.

This role of Council is outlined in the Mount Alexander Shire Council Environment Strategy 2015-2025. Detailed actions of Council are outlined in supporting documents such as the Mount Alexander Shire Council Roadside Conservation Management Plan 2012-2017.

As described in the Environment Strategy, for the decade ahead “the overarching challenge is to move from an exploitative relationship with our planet to a symbiotic one, both in spirit and action”. Council is proud to be part of this necessary change.

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