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Community survey shows council back on track

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The results are in for Council's annual community satisfaction survey.

Friday 26 July 2019

The latest results of an annual local government survey show community satisfaction ratings on council services in Mount Alexander Shire have improved.

The telephone survey, coordinated by Local Government Victoria in February and March this year, aimed to assess the performance of council across more than 20 different service areas including six core measures.

Core measures include the overall performance and direction of council, community consultation and engagement, lobbying on behalf of the community, customer service, sealed roads and making decisions in the interest of the community.

Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire Bronwen Machin said it’s good to see improvement across most services areas after a drop in community confidence last year.

The index score for overall performance improved significantly from 49 to 56, while the score for overall Council direction increased by 11 points to 48.

Satisfaction ratings for sealed roads, community consultation and advocacy were at their highest levels, while scores for customer service remained steady.

Council’s top performing areas were community and cultural activities, the appearance of public areas, and emergency and disaster management.

The most important service areas were waste management, elderly support services and community decisions.

The community identified maintenance of unsealed roads, making community decisions and the condition of local streets and footpaths as areas for improvement.

“While we are pleased to see better results this year we recognise there is still more work to do. Staff and councillors continue to focus on priorities in the budget and stay on track with our council plan,” said Mayor Machin.

“We remain firmly focused on developing strong partnerships to progress key projects, and are implementing new systems and technologies to deliver services more efficiently.

“There is a big emphasis on trialling new ways of doing things and securing additional funds to help us address challenges in service areas like unsealed roads and footpaths, which we know are really important to the community.”

The results, published on Council’s website, are benchmarked against the state-wide average and similar sized local government areas. The majority of Victorian Councils participated in the survey. Mount Alexander Shire Council is a large rural shire.

For more information visit www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

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