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Join our climate change forum

Solar panels at the Civic Centre and Town Hall

Join a forum in early December to help inform Council's future action on climate change.

Friday 8 November 2019

Mount Alexander Shire Council will hold a Climate Change Forum on Monday 9 December to inform its future action on climate change.

The forum will help Councillors better understand community views on what a climate change emergency would mean for the shire, and other ways to tackle changing climate conditions as a Council, a community and in partnership.

The forum follows the presentation of a petition from Mount Alexander Climate Change Emergency Team (MACET) at the Ordinary Council Meeting in October.

The petition requested Council make a Climate Emergency Declaration with the goal of facilitating the economy and society to avoid a climate catastrophe and re-establish a safe climate.

The petition asked Council to address the climate crisis by: declaring a climate emergency, committing to a target of 100 per cent renewable energy for Council operations by 2025, and committing to a target of net zero carbon emissions for the community by 2030.

The petition was tabled as information to help with decision-making as it did not meet the requirements for a petition under Council’s Local Laws.

In response, Council resolved to invite interested parties to present to Councillors to inform a whole of community approach to changing climate conditions that affect the community.

As a prerequisite for future action, Councillors would like to better understand:
• What do community members think Council could be doing within its operations to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change?
• What should the community be doing to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change?
• How can Council work with the community and other groups to address climate change?
• What would declaring a climate change emergency mean to our community?
The public forum will take place over a series of sessions held between 9am and 8pm on Monday 9 December in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre.

Interested speakers must return the registration form by Monday 2 December 2019. The form is available at www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/HaveYourSay and the Civic Centre. Speaking time will be limited to five minutes per speaker with five minutes allocated for questions from Councillors.

You can also make a written submission by Thursday 5 December. Please email your submission titled Action on Climate Change to info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au or send it by mail to PO Box 185 Castlemaine VIC 3450.

“We have heard a very clear message that many young people and community members are alarmed about the impacts of the climate change,” said Cr Bronwen Machin, Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire.

“Tackling climate change is a big priority for Council and we have already done a lot to reduce our greenhouse emissions and minimise the impact of climate change. This is not a forum to decide if we need to take action. It will help determine what actions we can take to reduce our emissions and adapt to climate change as a whole community,” she said.

A summary of climate action undertaken by Council is available with the registration form online and at the Civic Centre.

Image: Solar panels on the Civic Centre at Castlemaine.

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