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Business support and resources

Contact the Economic Development team

Please contact our Economic Development team prior to applying for any permits, so that we can assist you throughout
your permit process. You can contact us via email or calling 5471 1805

Not sure about which permits are you likely to need?

Mount Alexander Shire Council has designed a Self-Assessment tool that will help you understand what permits your business
may require and what factors may trigger the need for a permit. It takes less than 5 minutes and will give you clarity about the next steps!

We encourage you to complete it and send it to our permit support team so that we can give you further support.

Ready to apply?

We’ve listed all the business-related permits on one webpage to make it easier for you to locate the ones you need.

Link to permit webpage

New or established businesses may need one or more permits to operate.

Providing upfront information for all your business plans including future intentions will help us to better assess your application and make sure you receive the right permits.

Please keep in mind that incomplete information or any changes made after your application has been submitted may result in delays or a resubmission of your application.

What paperwork do they need to have ready at the time of applying for permit?

Below is a high-level overview of a straightforward permit application:

Giving as much information as you can will help your business and our process
We can only assess your business based on the information that you give us, so if you change your plans, or forget to tell us about a part of your business plan we may need to reassess your permit application and/or you may be required to apply to a different permit.


Is it worth having a Q&A section?
-How long does the permit process take?
- What if I don’t get a permit?
- There must be other scenarios we can list in a Q&A which again might answer any queries before they undertake the permit process? Not sure if we already have something similar on

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