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Capital works

Heavy vehicle grading rural road.

The capital works program is focused on:

- Reconstruction / replacement when the assets are identified as being beyond repair or no longer fit for purpose

- Renewal works where we conduct upgrades to prolong an asset’s life e.g. resealing or resheeting our roads

- Building new infrastructure (primarily new footpaths, trails, open spaces and parks etc.)

Capital works include both projects in design and in construction. Refer below for more details.

Projects in design

Some of the things we consider in the design process include (in no particular order):

- Use of the asset
- Its capacity (both current and future, given the growing needs of the community)
- Weather impacts (including resilience in extreme weather events)
- The impacts of climate change now and in the future
- Materials used (both from a sustainability and durability perspective, because maintenance costs impact our budget)
- Environmental impacts (vegetation, runoff/ drainage etc)
- Accessibility (where applicable)
- Heritage
- Compliance with legislation and Australian Standards
- Value for money.

Sometimes there has to be a compromise to achieve the things that we need to, but we do our best to balance the needs of our residents.

Projects in construction

Before we start construction, we always make sure we complete the following:

- Authority approvals
- Environmental (in particular vegetation) approvals
- Heritage approvals (if applicable)
- Letter drops, public notices and media releases to advise nearby residents when the works are going to commence.

Current projects:

- Yeats Street Upgrade
- Vaughan-Tarilta bridges project
- Frederick Street precinct design project
- Castlemaine Botanic Gardens Main Gates conservation
- Castlemaine and Campbells Creek Levee Banks
- Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project
- Design of Diamond Gully Road and Ireland Street Precinct, McKenzie Hill
- Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve Revitalisation Project
- Camp Reserve to Campbells Creek Accessible Off-Road Trail and Path
- Footpath construction Gaffney - Reckleben Street.
- Fogartys Gap Road Upgrade - Stage 1
- Walker Street Pedestrian Crossing and Footpath Construction

Completed projects:

- Castlemaine Botanical Gardens lighting upgrade project
- Fogartys Gap Road upgrade project - Stage 2
- Footpath design
- Footpath Renewal Projects 2021-2022
- Small Town Streetscapes
- Golden Point Road Parking and Traffic Analysis for Expedition Pass Reservoir
- Campbells Creek-Fryers Road bridges
- Footpath design for Reckleben and View streets
- Road design - Muckleford - Yapeen Road
- Castlemaine Primary School Traffic Studies

Feedback - we are open to receiving ideas for consideration prior to commencing a design, and ask that you do this promptly and as succinctly as possible through our email address.

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