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Get LOST in our creative culture

As part of Mount Alexander Shire’s COVID-19 response, Council has been collaborating across our creative community to help us all re-emerge and re-engage with confidence, strengthen our collective networks and reach new audiences around the world.

This work has been directly informed by the Mount Alexander Shire Creative Industries Cluster Muster held at the Castlemaine Town Hall in August 2019.

A meeting to update the community on this program of work was held on Wednesday, 20 May, 2020. You can watch the zoom briefing and discussion around the community-driven shifts underway, below.

Notes to recording:
• The full discussion is around an hour and a half. If needs be, please refer to our handy guide to what happened when, further down below.
• Council’s expenditure was stated as being $47,500 for this financial year. Attendees unfortunately weren’t able to hear the first number.

What is Get Lost?

“Get Lost” will be a brand new web application to showcase and cultivate the creative culture, talent and energies connected to Mount Alexander Shire. In line with the principle of First Peoples First, and with full support from Uncle Rick Nelson, this exciting new initiative takes place on, and reflects our values for, Jaara Country - the lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung.

Get Lost will be a place to wander and explore, a place to gather and share, a place to celebrate and innovate, a place to feel good. The platform will help us all communicate with, and learn from each other, through a singular portal that will not require social media accounts to view or access.

Get Lost will provide a curated experience and centralised information gateway to underpin ongoing, cooperative working practices across our creative industries and services. It will enable collective engagement with our local community and global audience via online exhibitions, conversations, performances and stories. The platform will provide licensed access to live streaming, podcasting and audio casting software, as well chat rooms and a knowledge hub of resource materials. It will empower our creators and makers through e-commerce opportunities and a new, community-generated, rapid response public art fund, to assist you in making and sharing new, or on-hold work.

Get Lost will be our new co-working space, our new virtual venue, and our cross-generational, trans-disciplinary show. Critically, it will assist us to emerge back into the public realm, safely and confidently. Get Lost is built on the belief that we are better together – and that being part of a community working collectively to create something new, is exactly what we need right now.

Recorded briefing – a handy guide
0mins 0secs - 10mins 42secs Welcome/ Acknowledgement/ Introduction - Vicki Anderson (NB late start to recording)
10mins 42secs - 38mins 40secs Community check in - All
38mins 40secs - 48mins 22secs Funding overview - Vicki Anderson
48mins 22secs - 54mins 34secs Governance/co-operative working - Sam Thomas
54mins 34secs - 56mins 56 secs Council 3-year investment - Vicki Anderson
56mins 56secs - 1hr 36secs Get Lost brand overview - Vicki Anderson
1hr 36secs - 1hr 8mins Get Lost platform overview - Miles Bennett
1hr 8mins - 1hr 18mins 28secs Get Lost brand identity and working process - Gavin Krasner
1hr 18mins 28secs - 1hr 27mins 57secs Get Lost activation wrap-up - Vicki Anderson
1hr 27mins 57secs - 1hr 40mins 3secs Questions and Answers - Forest Keegel/ Suzanne Donisthorpe


Vicki Anderson
Cultural Development Officer
Mount Alexander Shire Council

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