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Projects to get people more active more often

New seat installed along Barkers Creek.

New infrastructure like bike hoops, drinking fountains, seats and signs are helping to encourage more people to get more active, more often.

Wednesday 7 July 2020

You may have noticed new seats and drinking fountains installed along some of our local trails. More improvements are on their way, thanks to the Healthy Heart of Victoria (HHV) initiative supported by the Victorian State Government.

Throughout the next few months bike storage hoops, wayfinding signs, and bike repair stands will be installed at the Castlemaine Railway Station, along Campbells Creek Trail, Forest Creek Trail, Barkers Creek Trail, Castlemaine to Maldon Trail and other locations across Mount Alexander Shire.

“The HHV initiative aims to get more people more active more often, and with their support we’ve been able to install some practical features to make it even easier for people to get out and about,” said Lisa Knight, Director Corporate and Community Services, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

“We’ve had some very positive feedback from community members about how handy it is to top up water bottles and have somewhere to safely rest while strolling along our trails,” said Ms Knight.

The HHV project also funded an upgrade to a section of Forest Creek Trail and a new accessible crossing on Hargraves Street. The works are currently underway and will create a safer crossing link to Western Reserve and the wider trail network.

Last year HHV funded a crossing on Forest Street near Camp Reserve, which connected Campbell’s Creek Trail to Castlemaine CBD, Camp Reserve and Barkers Creek Trail through to the train station, Castlemaine Health and Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.

“These projects have made it safer and easier to get outdoors, do some exercise and enjoy our local trail network,” said Ms Knight.

“Healthy Heart of Victoria also coordinated the Active Living Census last year, which provided invaluable information about the health and wellbeing of our community,” she said.

Ms Knight said one of the highlights of the project has been the collaboration it has enabled between Council and community agencies and groups.

“By working together we’ve been able to raise and discuss important matters and help to identify improvements that will help people of all ages and abilities to be more active, more often,” said Ms Knight.

The HHV Project Control Group includes representatives from Castlemaine Health, CHIRP Community Health, Castlemaine Secondary College, Castlemaine Community House, Central Victorian Primary Care Partnership, Mount Alexander Shire Disability Advocacy Group, Department of Transport, CycleSafe Mt Alexander and Council.

Image: One of the new seats along Barkers Creek Trail in Castlemaine where you can rest your legs when taking a stroll.

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