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Petition to reduce speed limit a success

Some petitioners from the Sutton Grange township, who advocated for the reduction in speed limits.

Motorists will soon be slowing down on the Bendigo-Sutton Grange Road as limits lower from 100km per hour to 80km per hour, following successful lobbying by residents.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

The speed limit on the Bendigo-Sutton Grange Road within the Sutton Grange township will soon reduce from 100km per hour to 80km per hour, following successful lobbying by local residents.

Mount Alexander Shire Council submitted a request to Regional Roads Victoria to reduce the speed limit, following consideration of a petition to Council which contained 128 signatures. Regional Roads Victoria subsequently supported and approved the request.

Council acknowledged safety concerns raised by residents, and supported the view that a speed limit reduction would improve road user and resident safety, without significantly impacting traffic flow or driver journey times.

The new speed restrictions and signs will be installed in the next few weeks.

Councillor Tony Cordy, who represents the Calder Ward, said he was pleased with the outcome.

“This is a really positive change for the community, given it’s something they’ve been concerned about for some time,” said Cr Cordy.

“The new reduced speed limit will help residents in the township feel safer, and will also increase the safety of pedestrians and drivers,” he said.

Council’s Director Infrastructure and Development Jess Howard agreed the speed limit reduction was a win for the community.

“Residents raised their concerns with Council regarding the road, and we are pleased to have worked in partnership with them and Regional Roads Victoria to achieve the outcome they were hoping for,” said Ms Howard.

“This initiative really highlights Council’s commitment to improving access to a range of safe travel choices for the community.”

Council and Regional Roads Victoria share responsibility for the management of roads within Mount Alexander Shire, with the Bendigo-Sutton Grange Road being managed by Council.

For more information on the management of roads within the shire, visit www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/Roads.

Image L-R: Petitioners pushing for the change, Max Davis, Councillor Tony Cordy, Chris Moule, Marge Townrow, Viv Pells.

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